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Quality Assurance

Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. insures that requirements for the products it produces are fulfilled and meet customer requirement. We monitor our processes, gather data for analysis, prevent errors and improve the process.

Measuring and Measuring Device
Using Master Standards traceable to NIST and our requirement to use calibration laboratories certified to ISO 17025 international standards as part of our QMS, assures measuring devices used to qualify required specification parameters are held within tolerances required. Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. uses a comprehensive gauge calibration system to track and recall measuring devices when due for calibration. History of measuring device calibration is maintained and employed for frequency of calibrations to ensure out of calibration condition does not occur. Training in measuring device care and use assures a device will be turned in and not used if a condition occurs that may affect the accuracy and results obtained from the measuring device. Gauge R and R studies are utilized to ensure measuring devices are of appropriate resolution for the criticality of tolerances.

APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)
Customer quotes, customer purchase orders and sales orders are part of the APQP inputs and outputs. Using Customer Service and Engineering for review of customer and industry specifications, Tooling for review of new or modified tooling requirements, Purchasing for availability of sources for materials, parts and outsourced special processes assures risks involved in production of parts has been assessed and resolved before production is undertaken. Inspections required are identified and communicated through flowdown on internal routers, prints, work instructions and recorded on “In Process Inspection Reports”. Flowdown of requirements to suppliers is assured through inclusion on purchase orders.

PPAP (Production part approval process) and FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) are also utilized for the automotive industry as required. Machine capability studies also determine the capability of our machines. Our Sampling plan used in our Aerospace Division (Wire Cloth Division, Kalkaska, MI.) is based on C=0 defects and ANSI/ASQ Z1.4.

Where dimensions are critical or as identified by customer, 100% inspection is employed on dimensions to assure compliance to the specification.

Purchasing and Supplier Requirements
Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. reviews all requirements for material, outside processes, specifications and other requirements as identified before placing a purchase order for goods or services. Necessary requirements are flowed down as required to suppliers. Needed changes are undertaken and purchase order is updated where required before issuance. We ensure all suppliers meet quality management systems standards or compliance with quality system standards. This could be ISO AS9100, NADCAP or customer specific. A full review of customer purchase order to the quote, prints, specifications or other requirements before acceptance also ensures latest requirements have been reviewed and resolved.

Control of Nonconformance
Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. aggressively undertakes control of any nonconformance. Through use of procedures to identify, control and correct nonconformance's whether material, product, process or supplier caused, quality is controlled and assured. Wayne Wire Cloth Products, Inc. works closely with its customers to assure the quality of items, products and service are satisfactory to our customers.